Vintage 2021

12.5% ABV


Curator Wine Co Hamlets Montepulciano Rosé

  • About the Wine

    My first ever Rose came about with a phone call from a friend on what was supposed to be our last day of destemming grapes for vintage 2021. I had no idea what to do with them but when she told me that the grapes were only 12.5 Baume (at the end of vintage no less), the rose idea immediately sprang to mind!

    Hand Harvested Montepulciano (Monty – another first for me!) from a vineyard in the famous sub region of Ebenezer, in the Northern part of the Barossa Valley. Extremely minimal skin contact (a couple of hours) and whole bunch basket pressed to tank, where natural/wild ferment occurred as the juice warmed. Fermented to complete dryness, then settled, racked and bottled in quick succession. Due to the extended grape hang time and the natural flavours of the variety this Rose was extremely lucky to even get inside a bottle as it was constantly “sampled” over the end of vintage while we were pressing off the last of our red ferments.

    Only made from two tonnes of grapes this wine starts life in very minimal supply so as with some of the best Rose’s don’t think too much about it as you may miss out!