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Vintage: 2022
Retail Price Per Bottle: $10.00
Variety: Chardonnay
200mL - 11.8% Alc

Koonara The Guardian Angel Piccolo 200ml

  • Mount Gambier is the coolest region in mainland Australia, allowing flavours in the grapes to develop longer while still keeping their crispness. This produces minerally lemon and lime Chardonnay. The minerality comes from the rocky flint under just 10cm of soil in our Mount Gambier vineyard, which helps create low tonnes, a complexity of flavours, and a long finish.

    This years vintage has strong aromas of ripe Fuji apples with a hint of citrus peel. It’s a more brut style on the front palate with lively ripe apple flavours and a trace of musk on the finish. This one has good length and balance, its complex but utterly delicious. Look out for: Green apple, pear, toast and floral notes.

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