Vintage: 2018
Retail Price Per Bottle: $30.00
750mL - 14.5% Alc.

Mr. Riggs Wine Co. 'Piebald' Syrah | Adelaide

  • Details

    Deep violet framed with the intense reds of the edge of a sunset. A hazy
    fume of all the darker fruits of the forest combined with the fresh turned
    earth from which they have grown; lusty, intense and fine. Violets protrude
    to the point of pollen and return visits to the glass discover anise and dried spice. All the flirting of fragrance is followed and multiplied on the palate. Resounding, total, and intense this wine shrouds both the palate and the moment. A partner of age, waiting will not wither this depth laden wine. Should impatience still grip, a glass will reward with immense enjoyment and the distinct character of site.