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Variety: Chambourcin (88%) Graciano (12%)

Retail Price Per Bottle: $30.00

750mL - 14.0% Alc.

Vintage: NV

Peppermint Paddock Sparkling Red

  • The Name

    Surrounded by peppermint gums, the block that was replanted in 1989 to Chambourcin from Shiraz which never grew well on that particular site. When the fruit is picked fully ripe it retains high levels of acidity, an abundance of colour, flavour and tannin - perfect for a sparkling red wine.


    The Vintage

    This is a non-vintage sparkling wine, indicating specific parcels are selected from a number of vintages to create a consistency in quality from one cuvee to the next.


    The Winemaking

    The base wine is prepared using the time-honoured techniques of open fermenting, foot treading and basket pressing. Addition of liqueur tirage instigates secondary fermentation and creates bubbles with a unique vibrant purple colour.


    The Characteristics

    As always, this wine is a psychedelic purple colour. Red currant, sugar coated peanuts, minty, and menthol notes. Such a retro wine. A generous, fat mulberry and boysenberry character on the palatte. Lifted and vibrant, with some sweet and some sour notes. A beautiful spritz makes this a great celebration wine. Drink me and enjoy me!

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