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Variety: 65% Tempranillo, 35% Grenache
Vintage: 2021
Retail Price Per Bottle: $30.00
750mL - 14% Alc.

Splitting Hares | Tempranillo Grenache

  • Making this wine came down to splitting hairs as we tweaked the blend in tiny 1% increments until the perfect balance was achieved. This is the exact point at which the juicy, fragrant Grenache just tames the savoury chewiness of the Tempranillo.

    The result is a cheeky mezcla of red and blue fruit: raspberry, blueberry, plum and red cherry flavours with floral whirls of jasmine and lavender followed by secondary notes of pomegranate molasses, crushed gravel, and delicious dry Dutch-cocoa tannins. An enticing red wine as light-bodied as the leap of a spring hare (or two). Guaranteed to disappear before your very eyes!!

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