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Variety: Grenache with a little bit of Shiraz, Mourvèdre & WhiteMuscat

Retail Price Per Bottle: $30.00

500mL - 20.5% Alc.

Vintage: NV

Nostalgia Rare Tawny NV

  • This is the oldest wine that we release each year. It is only available in tiny quantities due to the amount that evaporates to the atmosphere over time, known as 'the angel's share'. The centerpiece of the label is a coat of arms with the original d'Arenberg crest, created by d'Arry Osborn in 1959 when he first released wine with the red stripe. Alongside the crest as supporters are a Clydesdale horse and a Dorper lamb, both important to the history of the winery and also today. Other elements of the coat of arms represent the export history of our fortified wines, illustrated by a ship crossing an ocean of vine leaves. Also present are acknowledgements of the traditional viticulture and winemaking techniques that are still in use at d'Arenberg, hand pruning and basket pressing. A second look at the labels show a human foot drawn on each supporting animal, representative of foot treading of each red ferment. Other features are vineyard tools and oak barrels, a copper pot still and a gentle cherub.


    In the glass it's a burnished bronze with an alluring rim of olive - illustrating the great age of some of the parcels that have gone into this wine. The nose is at first a cascade of walnuts toasted almonds and rancio (drying, mature complex oak character). It then opens up to dried fruits, pears and apples with a sprinkling of cinnamon spice, further inspection gives up toffee, dried figs and burnt butter. The palate is very lively, tingling with spice and lift - a fantastic balance of freshness and age, the sweetness kept in check by the rancio. 

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