Vintage: 2015/2016
Variety - Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvèdre
750mL - 14.5% Alc.


  • Details

    Most of McLaren Vale's acclaimed and historic vineyards are impregnated with ancient, decomposed laterite granite known as ironstone. Its extraordinary rusty redbrown colour is derived from the iron oxides present in the stone. The larger pieces were cleared from the vineyards in the late 1880's and utilised in many of the buildings at d'Arenberg, most notably the old stables.


    Visually, this wine sets you up for what is to come with its stunning depth and intensity of purple colour. It is no surprise then, that the nose is loaded with fresh blue and purple fruits with a twist of woody spice. The palate leans more towards rhubarb and pomegranate, accentuated by fine gritty tannins and lively acidity that purr across the palate from start to finish. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a simple wine. Connoisseurs of the Ironstone Pressings will relate to the meaty, earthy, dark chocolate notes that elevate this wine to another level. The 2015 Ironstone is a wine with grunt. Robust and punchy but with ample fruit to support its structure making it remarkably drinkable even at this young age. Given some time, this is a wine that promises to relax its grip, softening and mellowing into a suave, textural and enchanting vinous treat.


    While enjoyable in youth, this wine will reach its full potential with bottle age up to at least 15 years. The considerable structure and depth will ensure that the fruit characters will develop over time revealing more complexity and providing immense interest. This wine is best stored in an environment free of direct sunlight and with consistent temperatures between 10°C and 15°C.