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Retail Price Per Bottle: $105.00

750mL - 14.2% Alc.

J.R.O AFFLATUS 2010 Single Vineyard Shiraz

  • This vineyard was one of the original plantings on the land Joseph Rowe Osborn purchased in 1912. Despite being teetotal, he was inspired to purchase vineyards for his family, a choice that continues to reap benefits today. You could say it was his afflatus (an impulse of creative power or inspiration). A wine of undeniable intensity but expect it to be tightly wound in youth. Allowing it to open up exposes a wine with a dense ironstone like core, engulfed in black berry fruits and ripples of dark bitter chocolate. An understated scent of dried herb offers a nice contrast to the big brooding style of wine that the 2012 JRO Afflatus is. The mineral tannin and punchy acidity further enhance the ferrous nature of this wine. Classic example of a sleeper, with all the inherent characteristics that would indicate a long life in which the fruit notes will continue to be unlocked from the solid frame.
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