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Vintage: 2018
Retail Price Per Bottle: $60.00
750mL - 14.5% Alc.

Mr. Riggs Wine Co. 'Burnt Block' Shiraz

  • Vineyard

    The 2018 Mr. Riggs Burnt Block Shiraz is sourced from a single block of the same name, in Ben Riggs Piebald Gully vineyard located in McLaren Vale’s coolest sub-region, Clarendon. This block sits in the Baker Gully area in North and South Maslin sand (Eocene between 56 and 34 million years old) medium to coarse grain sand throughout the block with iron stone out crops at the elevated site. The vineyard was planted in 1998 then later that year lightning struck a tree on the boundary, fire raced through and wiped out majority of the plantings, hence the name ‘Burnt Block’. The following year it was re planted and trained as V.S.P with foliage wires 3m rows x 2m vines with the elevated block running east – west at 265m. The area ripens up to two weeks later than the rest of the McLaren Vale district and receives on average 30% more rainfall. Although a cooler sub region it still enjoys the benefits of a Mediterranean climate – wild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The 2018 vintage was superb, and this wine represents the quality of the vintage.


    Onyx and svelte, evocative, long, and intense, this keynote wine anchors an entire winemaking philosophy. Every bit a black hole for light the purples cloak the deep reds that peep peripheral. Plums, molasses, and violets. Vibrant fruit funnels upward, lofty, swifting, and sensual. Not a single gap on the palate allows for inattention as each millilitre marks a profusion of flavour. Each revisit replies with further spice and added flourishes of fruit. It pleases into submission and smiles all the while. This wine is bouquets of violets draped on the neck of a Clydesdale. Enchanting and intense it rouses the senses and suggests excess without ever becoming overbearing.

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