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Variety: Roussanne (100%)

Retail Price Per Bottle: $22.00

750mL - 13.5% Alc.

Vintage 2022

The Money Spider Organic Roussane

  • The first crop of Roussanne from the 2000 vintage was covered in tiny ‘Money Spiders’. Popular belief is that kindness to these creatures will bring good luck, so Chester refrained from sending the spiders to their death. By the next year the Money Spiders had relocated, making the first release of this wine in 2001.


    A bright pale lemon colour opens up in a fantastic bouquet of herbal tea, lemongrass and macadamia. On the palate is where Roussane shows all its potential. A velvety texture exposes a refined layer of lychee, white peach, lemongrass and rockmelon. A vibrant and mineral acidity make its way in perfect balance with the exotic fruit flavours where it finishes with a velvety yogurt creaminess. Rousanne is a fairly unknown grape that definitely is reaching the spotlight in this wine.

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