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Variety: Sauvignon Blanc (100%)

Retail Price Per Bottle: $15.00

750mL - 13% Alc.

Vintage: 2022

The Stump Jump Sauvignon Blanc

  • It is rumoured that the inventor of the Stump Jump plough, which enabled a ploughshare to jump over tree roots, had poor eyesight and required regular tests to ensure he could still operate machinery. The design of this label is inspired by an optometrist's eye-chart and serves as a makeshift sobriety test. If you can hold the bottle at arm's length and still read the front label, you can enjoy another glass.

    Pale straw in appearance. The nose is herbaceous with fresh cut grass and hay. Fruit wise, there’s some lychee, passionfruit, rockmelon and pineapple. First appearances are deceiving - despite the fruit, it’s a crisp and dry wine with bright acid. A wine to enjoy young.

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