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Retail Price Per Bottle: $105.00

750mL - 14.3% Alc.

TYCHE'S MUSTARD 2010 Single Vineyard Shiraz

  • Tyche, the goddess of luck and fortune, has looked over this vineyard. The initial site featured six land holdings, five unsuitable for grape growing were sold and the profits paid for the vines. Luck would have it that from an early age these vines have produced exceptional fruit. Dripping with blackberry and liquorice, a sprinkling of pepper and spice, accompanied by fig and quince paste and basted with meaty notes. Opulent to say the least. The initial mouthfeel is quite pulpy and succulent, yet the lively tannins (that are so typical in this vineyard) thrust themselves through the length of the palate ensuring the wine does not end flabby and short, but rather finishes with a mouth-watering vitality. A unique and luscious wine of great complexity built on a foundation of fine gritty tannins to be enjoyed for many years to come.
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